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Why Shooting Stars

Much like the stars in the sky no two children are identical, so naturally our child care approach is not that of uniformity. Every child is uniquely different, each dealing with their own set of hurdles and successes that we thrive on assisting, guiding and celebrating in a safe, structured yet fun environment. We are the only fully licensed program in Carstairs to offer an exclusive program for school aged children and all of our ‘space missions’ are built for these ages specifically. Our entire staff will be certified with, at minimum, child development assistant certificates (within 6 months of hire), background with vulnerable sector checked, first aid trained, and have passed our intense astronaut training – as parents, our standards really are out of this world.

We have partnered with a software called Hi Mama, blasting Carstairs child care into the 21st Century. This web and app based program allows parents to complete child care forms online, keep them up to date, pay fees online, receive pictures and milestones of your little astronauts, message caregivers directly and keep up to date on your child’s accomplishments.

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Finally above and beyond providing unparalleled quality child care, it is OUR mission objective to be affordable. The core of who we are is that quality is never overthrown for affordability.

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Outer Space to Mission Control!

Program Information

The following Space Missions are designed for ages 4.5+


Lil’ Rovers

Kindergarteners’ mission is to explore what learning and building social skills in a school setting are all about! This is why we call them our Lil’ Rovers. Here at Mission Control our objective is to help these lil’ rovers navigate the unknown and sometimes scary terrain of being introduced into the education system.

  • Lil’ Rovers (Kindercare).
  • Before and after school care on school days, with transportation provided by Chinook’s Edge School Division at an additional cost.
  • Full ECS appropriate programming available on non-school days.
  • PD days and breaks included in full program price.

Little Rockets

Our older astronauts are ready to move out of the atmosphere and into more independent learning, socializing, and fun. That is exactly why we call them Little Rockets. Blasting off into a whole new galaxy of exciting new life experiences although still needing the safety net of Mission Control to assist with small glitches and technical issues.

  • Little Rockets (Before and After School Care).
  • Before and after school on school days, with transportation provided by Chinook’s Edge School Division at an additional cost.
  • PD days and breaks included in full program price.

Have your own lil’ space crew? We offer a competitive sibling discount!

Permission to Land!

Mission Control

Ready to get started? You’re in the right place. Give mission control a call and get your space crew ready for a visit!

Shooting Stars OSC Inc.

(403) 390-8631

215 10th Avenue North
Carstairs, AB, T0M 0N0

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